Mundane Orbit, written by Truth Teale at

Mundane Orbit

Mundane Orbit

written by: Truth Teale



Ecliptic landscape
With all the ages of civilization
Laid out like cookies on a baking sheet
Steamy, chewy, awaiting notice
Hoping to be harnessed
And savoured. A balance so fragile.
Sun tilt, Earth tilt…
Maybe they blame one another
And maybe the fusion burn is over.
What to do, what to do
With all the little moons.

There are the pearls
Of wisdom
And then there are the
Cheap beads.
Hanging in the ether
Waiting for a chance.
Schrödinger’s cat –
Like the second speech
Nixon would have read
If the lunar landing
Had gone boom
In a plume of regolith.

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