Emotional Ocean Eyes, a poem by Tessa Weitemeier at Spillwords.com

Emotional Ocean Eyes

Emotional Ocean Eyes

written by: Tessa Weitemeier



We were trying to find a runaway
Back then when we first met
Standing hand in hand in that bay
Both wet with sweat

What was it that we were looking for
A safe place to find ourselves
In that year that shook us to the core
When I saw you breaking into halves

It was a glimpse of love
In the middle of your storm
A feeling I couldn’t get rid of
And it took me a while to reform

You walked into the water
And sailed away with no goodbye
It felt like lamb to the slaughter
Both my eyes didn’t stay dry

I lit a candle every day for months
But you weren’t coming home
I was hoping to see your eyes again, just once
Shining like they were made of blue chrome

When the lights are burning bright
I can feel how my hope slowly dies
And when I close my eyes tonight
I still can see your emotional ocean eyes

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