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Endless Night

written by: Jesse Highsmith


Down the abyss where no flowers grow,
there lights a path through the stinging snow.
As I drift through a world of endless night,
eyes grow immune to every familiar sight.
Nerve endings shape to form a new decay,
made from the shattered promise I knew that day.
It was A kiss so cold it could chill the sun.
Nothing short of lobotomy could be this fun.

Jesse Highsmith

Jesse Highsmith

Jesse Highsmith is an adventurous wordsmith, musician, podcast enthusiast, and internet jokester from Central Florida, U.S. His specialty is short form flash fiction written within the confines of a large pesticide truck. However, he is currently writing his first novel, an otherworldly dive into death, acceptance, sacrifice, and redemption. He is also hard at work on his first foray into children's books with former Infectious Magazine editor Sami Marshall, a project due to be completed very soon.They live in a rural countryside with his son Logan, dog Snowy, and a shadow-chasing cat dubbed Sir Liam Frederick, Duke of Cuteness.
Jesse Highsmith

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