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written by: Bogpan



and autumn will reincarnate
at the end of summer
tip of the index finger
sticks to the lower lip
that will not deny
and there will be a return
because the small wave
returns to the blue lagoon

and everybody is next to another
transformed into one

with engraved words
(so typical)
that no one will ever know




Bozhidar Pangelov was born in the soft month of October in the city of the chestnut trees, Sofia, Bulgaria, where he lives and works. He likes joking that the only authorship which he acknowledges are his three children and the job-hobby in the sphere of the business services. His first book Four Cycles written entirely with an unknown author but in a complete synchronous on motifs of the Hellenic legends and mythos. The co-author (Vanja Konstantinova) is an editor of his next book Delta and she is the woman whom The Girl Who… is dedicated to. His last (so far) book is The Man Who.. In June 2013 a bilingual poetry book A Feather of Fujiama is being published in Amazon as a kindle edition. Some of his poems are translated into Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Portuguese and English languages and are published on poetry sites as well as in anthologies and some periodicals all over the world. Bozhidar Pangelov is on the German project Europe .. takes Europa ein Gedicht, Castrop Rauxel ein Gedicht RUHR 2010 and the project SPRING POETRY RAIN 2012, Cyprus.
His penname “bogpan” means “god Pan” – in Greek religion and mythology.

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