The Day I Died, poetry by Destiny Oregbe at
Melvin Ankrah

The Day I Died

The Day I Died

written by: Destiny Oregbe


The day I died it was on a day I didn’t say a thing because I couldn’t have lied.
I warned her we shouldn’t do it, now it backfired, her gaze was on me for long minutes

What happened here?
A passer-by asked out of curiosity but the shock of being caught threw our spirit beyond our vicinity.

Our ears turned deaf, suddenly we acted like we couldn’t hear
it was three friends trying out an experiment with a gun, painfully one of us had been shot, such pain we couldn’t bear

You just killed your friend?
Me and Jane standing and shivering, how could we convince anyone this was a mistake never intended

Oh what a cold evening, I’m done, I picked out the gun intended for fun, but since then, a black day let’s not wait for dawn

I pulled the trigger, got my brain shattered, it’s now left for Jane to explain the whole matter.
Now it’s two of us
First Genocide
Now suicide

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