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written by: Ilyas Ghafoor



There is something about it

A restless feeling in the heart

A speculative thought in the brain

And a trepid tension in the body

It’s a game that I can’t seem to understand

Should I play it and risk everything

Or be content with nothing.


There is something about this place

A charisma of ivory stairs

That draws my heart so irresistibly

That I linger around and borrow its innocent glares.


There is something about this beauty

That will leave the admirers in breathless delight

And a chasm of melancholy cries

Such is its elegant allure

That it bewitches the heart without its cure.


There is something about this voice

A question was all it ever was

A faint, sonorous that dwindled away in my brain

It was a cry and it was a laugh,

It was a spell woven to enchant

A voice that left behind fragrance of its magnificence.


There is nothing about it that I can’t explain

A tantalizing fable is all it seems

An enigma that I can’t grasp

Such is its appalling past

That I will take it to the graveyard

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