Red Water, a poem written by Ilyas Ghafoor at

Red Water

Red Water

written by: Ilyas Ghafoor


Michael was a sweet innocent boy
And his mother an amicable joy
And his father comely and a little shy
And his best friend was everything but a ploy
And his sister reserved and somewhat coy

Then started high school
And Michael became confused

As his best friend fell in love
And left him in the cafeteria alone

His father started working out
And looking in the mirror a lot

His mother started smoking
And her eyes grew dreary

His sister started wearing makeup
And hung out with popular boys

And his head started throbbing
While his heart became hollow
As he felt alone in the world

He just wanted to say ‘it’s not your fault’
To his family and best friend
But he couldn’t write anymore
And couldn’t reach the doorknob,
From his bathroom floor
Where he closed his eyes,
Drenched in red water

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