Epitaph, a poem written by James Dean Collins at Spillwords.com
William Bossen



written by: James Dean Collins



Dead end street,
Joint in my mouth,
I came here to sleep
But the sun came out.

The lake’s in front,
The concrete’s behind
I’m out of gas,
But what’s the time?

I have a job,
Or three or four,
I have a life,
But I’m not sure.

I’ll find the ocean,
I’ll see the end,
I’ll go on,
But not my friend



For Amy. I hope you’re free and without pain. Rest in peace.
If you be my best friend, I’ll love you forever.

James Dean Collins

James Dean Collins

AUGUST 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
I'm 35 years old and from the mid-Atlantic region of the US, Newark Delaware. I used to write screenplays and then I edited audio books for a living.
James Dean Collins

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