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Everybody Is Equal

Everybody is Equal

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Not one of us is born to be different,
It’s upbringing that shapes our style,
Like religious bigotry desperate to change,
Or the liberalisation of everything,
We form our alliances and stick to our own,
Turned on by ever disparate pastimes,
Until a crisis of conscience alters our thoughts, we play out our fears for real,
Then the time comes to reflect on our beliefs, ever righter along the way,
All based on lies, half-truths, and fears,
Moving closer to our ultimate aims, solitary life and weaving a path oft travelled,
Who do we have to prove what to?
While living our fulfilling lives, kept alive by medicines paid for in blood,
Hiding in the shadows from harm,
Realising that the fight isn’t worth it.

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