Ex-glass, a poem by Carrie Magness Radna at Spillwords.com
Sandip Kalal



written by: Carrie Magness Radna



He broke a glass
late tonight—
only water & ice
danced in the

& his almost-ex
almost whipped
his ass
in the morning

she found
a sliver of
under the couch
while she ate

“What the hell happened?”
she shouted,
waking him up
as he dozed on the couch.

“My left arm
had a life of its own,”
he shrugged.

“Sorry. I’ll clean it up.”
“Carefully! Don’t get cut.”

Why is she his almost-ex?
She still cared—a little.

Maybe we can piece together
our relationship
before it’s too late—

he thought
as he swept up
the rug.

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