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Express Yourself

Express yourself

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



That word
We all know well
Yet we are caged
Unable to use it
Unless you think like them
Forbidden to think differently
Outcast, rebel
Writing what comes to heart
Pouring from the soul
Only to later apologize
To those people on edge
Yeah, those people
Who think everything is about them
I refuse
I stand tall
I won’t apologize at all
Bind me to a chair
Tie my hands if you must
You will never get from me
Something I don’t have to give
Creating rhythm
Word by word
Unless your own name
Is read by your lips
Keep walking
Dim your lights
Go to sleep
Pour your thorns
Inside my light
I won’t ever apologize
For my gift
As I write
What my soul whispers
On this bright day
Untie your hands
Open your cage doors
Be heard
Stand tall,
Express yourself
Liberate your soul
From what they might think
Freedom awaits
Go on, open it
Be free
Be whole.

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