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Am I So Selfish?

Am I So Selfish?

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



So what exactly is being selfish? Because with the way it’s used nowadays, it seems to have widened its acceptable meaning. So let’s look at the dictionary’s definition.

Selfish – adj. : Lacking consideration of others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

So if I choose not to take a shift at work so I can simply have some time to myself, does that make me selfish? If I want to move to another country but my family and friends discourage the idea, does that make me selfish?
Or are these people that are not getting what they want being selfish?
I think the term is thrown at just about anyone nowadays, just to throw them off and so that they might reconsider their decision. But how selfish is that; to make someone feel wrong for doing something for themselves?
Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some people in the world that really are selfish, that don’t reach out to help other people and only care for themselves.
What ever happened to support, and when did it get replaced by envy and jealousy? If you find yourself envying something, it’s because you have not accomplished it yourself, not because you can’t accomplish it.
If making decisions for yourself is considered selfish, then I would be an extremely selfish person. Yet, how can that be when I help other people every single day? If making decisions for yourself is selfish and therefore discouraged, no one would end up in the destination that they ever wanted to be.
Now how selfish is persuading someone to move away instead of move towards their dreams because it’s too “selfish?”
Don’t you see it to be selfish to discourage someone’s beliefs simply because you believe something different?
Why is it that we need to be right all the time in modern society, why are our minds hardly ever open to new ideas anymore?
I hope one day, we can truly understand what selfish is and what is not.

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