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  1. Where, do you hail from?

I have no home, I have no country. In a poetic world it means I’m free from self identity, or nationality. It’s more like a gift to me. In reality, I’d like to be a citizen of the world.

  1. What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

I lived and traveled from one city to another since my childhood. Even now, my heart still refuses to stay in one place/city. I love and miss those cities I’ve been to, they could be my home for a while but I don’t feel like I belong anywhere. I haven’t realised what so-called home means to me.

  1. What turns you on creatively?

Beautiful things & my own life (whether happy or sad)
As I look back over the past few months, writing poems, maybe is a consequence, not a coincidence for me. I started to write poems, because it’s a quite, harmless way to share beautiful thinking with others. My poems, sometimes are a string of words, sometimes my own monologue on stage. I wrote these feelings in my first published poem “My writings are only a string of words” and “A Mime play”,  I just submitted not long ago. My poems are mostly from how I feel or what I read, sometimes I’m even inspired to write using a word with abstract meaning. I bare my soul on my written words, people who read my poems will probably perceive a deeper and more obscure part of me.

  1. What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?

My favourite word is solitude.
I wrote (or I love to say I ”translated”) my solitude into my recent poem “No one is an island, but I Am”, published on I think I’ll spend my lifetime learning about it. I’ve always believed there are many ways to write solitude. When I’m writing, I do not live with my solitude, I live in it.

  1. What is your pet peeve?

um… I seldom notice if I have pet peeve… (maybe too many to tell //・_・//)
I hate spending time on trivialities. Or when I need to be alone, but not allowed to… this will really annoy me and I become impatient 🙂

  1. What defines Alyssa Gwen? 

As lonely as an isolated island, as changeable as a wind.
My soul is an ocean; seeking a life as splendid as Sakura.
If there’s anything I can find to define me, I hope it’s a powerful play or a verse.

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