Facing My Death, poetry by Branwen Rhiannon Drew at Spillwords.com
Stephen Andrews

Facing My Death

Facing My Death

written by: Branwen Rhiannon Drew



Part 1. The experience

Friday, I saw Death;
His long bony finger
Ringing my doorbell,
Wanting in.

Collapsed at work,
BP shooting for the moon.
Unable to stand,
Is this my end?

In the ambulance,
No coin to pay the ferryman.
If I ride the ferry across the Styx.
Will I wander forever?
Will I make it to tomorrow,
Is today my goodbye?

Death lost this time.


Part 2. Lessons Learned

My fears:
Being bedridden.
Losing the future.
Being a burden.
Life is sacred and splendid.
Love with gusto.

Live and experience
One moment,
One day,
At a time.



On June 30, 2023 I had a mini-stroke (TIA). My blood pressure was over 220/110. I could not walk or stand. I wrote this the day I was let out of the hospital. I am on the mend.

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