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Fallen Sakura

written by: Alyssa Gwen



Sakura fell silently like a rain
I kissed her tears away
Held her carefully in my both hands
A wind blew up
She flew out and fell broken
Laid down gently
Without losing her elegance
Even hid her face in the dust
Her moment of samurai grace remain
Did not vanish with the wind



Why I wrote this poem because I felt very sad to know Japan was hit by big earthquake again in 5 years. I studied and stayed in Japan before, I can imagine how terrifying and hopeless Southern Japanese people are and they all know this country can not escape from the threat of earthquakes.

Even until this moment, southern Japan still suffers from aftershocks and Tsunami warning. I can only use this poem to tell my friends in Southern Japan that my thoughts are with them and pray for them.

Alyssa Gwen

Alyssa Gwen

No complicated or difficult vocabulary in my works, but the feelings are real.

LoVe fashion&luxury, great food, music, illustration art works and literature, can't get enough learning from life.
Alyssa Gwen

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