Falsity in a Shifting Shadow, poetry by Ken Allan Dronsfield at Spillwords.com
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Falsity in a Shifting Shadow

Falsity in a Shifting Shadow

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



Time moves at the pace of a shifting shadow
creek waters twist like ribbons downstream
watching the slowness of a nightly campfire
birds call and we find peace in the moment
we dance to the song of a cricket balladeer.
Barking dogs echo thru the distant valley
Sounds of horse hooves on a country road
Smell of freshness in the air after the rains
Mud squishing tween our toes at the creek.
A new fawn wobbly stands for the first time.
Smoke rises from fires in the cane fields
Egrets seen hunting for fish in the marsh
Great birds are seen circling high in the sky
Flocks of teal fly fast down the twisting river
We stand amazed at sunset’s colorful twilight
Letting the swaying branches guide us home
down the rocky paths to the blue ocean water
laying on the sands we let the waves wash over us
drying in the warm sun, we return to our land
boiling water to steep our nice darjeeling tea.
Protect the cherished jewels within your heart
Release yourself from cages created by your mind
choose a path at sunrise, never in the darkness
live a good life and love yourself like no other
tread slowly in the falsity of shifting shadows.

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