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Fear and Giggle

Fear and Giggle

written by: Kiruthika Karthik


This is a poem
that will give you a thrill and make you chill,
make you jump and cry,
make you scream and sigh.

Here comes a clown who will make you smile
But when you turn around, he’ll make you run a mile.
Are you afraid of a ghost that will make you shiver?
Take a look closer, you’ll find it’s just a quiver.

Zombies make you scream
Nah, it’s just a dream.
I smell a vampire,
Lol, I can see you shiver!

Can a monster make you cry?
I know it’s just a lie.
Look at the witch who can make you jump.
Ha ha, it’s just a bump!

Do you dare?
I bet, a ghoul will make you scared.
Did I miss the werewolf bite?
Uh, there is one sitting next to your right!

Did I make you laugh?
I can see you do!

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