Fertility Dance, poetry by Giovanni Fruncillo at Spillwords.com
Johann Georg Platzer (Dancing scene with palace interior)

Fertility Dance

Fertility Dance

written by: Giovanni Fruncillo


Sexual frenzy regenerates
and liberates us from
the hum-drum tedium
of the everyday.

Thrusting, sucking, licking
and pulling hair,
Unhinge our dreary sanity,
and liberate our crippling inhibitions.

There is an intoxicating delirium,
fearful in its overwhelming power,
like the Bacchants in their
Dionysian orgies.

Intoxicating delirium,
Orgiastic scream,
a pulsating seed stabbing
into the moist tissue of life.

You may fence with words,
but dancing round the Maypole
is merely an enticement to
the eternal dance of fertility.

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