A Stone Walled Heart, written by Anne G at Spillwords.com

A Stone Walled Heart

A Stone Walled Heart

written by: Anne G



Take a walk


Ole New York


Legacy of history

Of what was

And now would be


Crossroads of New Amsterdam

St. Andrews, Reade

& Centre Street


Buildings hewn in granite stone

Raised by master artisans

Craftsmen from across the seas


Deftly sculpted carved façades

Formed by calloused fingertips

Reminiscent of a bygone past


Neoclassic monuments

Corinthian fluted



Gracing doorways of today

Architecture from afar

Marvels of antiquity


Long forgotten memories

Masses of humanity

Pride and Shame


Bittersweet reality

Days and nights

Hunger and cold


Some would rise

Others would fall

New found wealth or barebones life




The Good and Bad


Beauty stands before your eyes

Wonders in a

A Stone Walled Heart

Anne G

Anne G

JUNE 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Why write?
I write because I am:
Driven to distraction by the inequities of the society in which we live.
Motivated by cruelty, abuse, ignorance and indifference.
My intention: To poke, prod and provoke!
"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." - Oscar Wilde
Anne G

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