Fill My Heart With Spring, poetry by Bilquis Fatima at

Fill My Heart With Spring

Fill My Heart With Spring

written by: Bilquis Fatima


I can hear the birds sing
For sure it is the song of spring.
The winter gray has faded away,
And nature enchants with its colourful display.
Squirrels wake up from wintry slumber
Embarking on their marathon number.
Meandering bees collect drops of nectar
To nodding blooms softly whisper.
Verily coldness of hearts to melt away
As the season of festivities is in full sway

Somewhere a limping heart looks at the sky
Praying to be given another try.
For it too is entitled to colors of spring
When dreams and fantasies take wings
To walk the valley where elixir flows,
Unmindful of woes and throes.
For each life yearns for blissful reasons
So to start afresh, let spring be the season.

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