First Day Down t'Pit, poem by Kay Lesley Reeves at

First Day Down t’Pit

First Day Down t’Pit

written by: Kay Lesley Reeves


Oh it’s a long way down to the pit today
And the cage is packed and it seems to sway
And I wonder what it’s like, as it rattles on its way
Down to the dark of the pit.

It’s hot and it’s dark and I start to pray
But me Da says “Lad, be a man today!
Mam and t’kids are relying on your pay.”
So it’s down to the dark of the pit.

They’ve give me a light, just a tiny ray
But the sweat breaks out as they show me the way
And I wish I could see the light of the day
I’m scared of the dark in the pit.

My arms both ache, it’s a long hard day
Even the ponies end up blind they say
And I feel like I’m going to die today
Trapped in the dark of the pit.

Coal dust and damp and me skin’s dark grey
But I’m back in the cage at the end of the day
I’ve lived though the worst and I ‘m free and away
But tomorrow I’m back down the pit.

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