A Feeding Frenzy, story by Kay Lesley Reeves at Spillwords.com
Vivek Kumar

A Feeding Frenzy

A Feeding Frenzy

written by: Kay Lesley Reeves


Whale song filled the deeps as the pod rode the currents following the shoal. Today they would feed well. Silvery fish swirled in ever tighter spirals, vying to be the innermost.

Like sheepdogs bringing in their flock the whales worked together, rounding up their prey. Whistled signals guiding the outliers, closing the trap tighter until the moment of the kill.

Scything through the waves the giants devoured their feast then turned as one, sated for now they continued on their way. Hundreds of miles of ocean to explore but, fed for now, they sing and ride the waves in play.

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