Flashback, a poem by Benyeakeh Miapeh Jr. at Spillwords.com
Ali Nejatian



written by: Benyeakeh Miapeh Jr.


Let’s take it to the beginning,
When love was the breakfast, lunch
Dinner and lullaby to our souls,
Dancing in roses with Valentine’s memory,
When my yes’s were yours and
Your no’s were my priority.

Let’s take it to the beginning,
When romantic words were like
Daily recitations and quotations,
“I Love You” was like saying ‘Good Morning’
We extruded it in our innocent hearts,
And secluded it in sacred chart.

Take a trip to the Genesis of our love,
When I first tasted your soft lips
And combined our saliva for the first time,
Gave each other the sweetest names
That led to romantic diabetes
And emotionally used one aorta to supply bloods to our hearts.

This Breakup is like the sinking of Titanic
Should we blame Jack and Rose for playing love
Or we should blame the captains for looking at them.
Who should we blame
You were a ‘Lie in Truth’s Clothes’
And I was blind to see the reality.

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