Broken, poetry by Benyeakeh Miapeh Jr. at
Jachan DeVol



written by: Benyeakeh Miapeh Jr.


I was wrong,
So wrong that it hurts,
So wrong that it burns,
And the reason is difficult to discern,
We mathematically solved to get love in return
But lost is what we earned.

I’m Broken inside,
Is it something to abide?
Let put it aside,
Our misunderstanding,
Our conflicts,
Our arguments,

Your fear plus my fear,
Equivalent to my tears,
While I’m sad,
Feeling bad,
Can we knit a happy end?

You love me but you push me away,
You want me but you never stay,
You always leave and do the same with the key,
And it appalls me,
Let’s put a halt to this,
Because it’s completely at the deadlock.

I don’t know what to think anymore,
This feeling is something I abhor,
Intentionally pushing my heart below the floor,
The clock is telling me to raise my white flag,
I think it’s time for myself to admit…
I’m tired.

15 fights a night,
Broken glasses, shattered windows,
Slatted doors,
Broken locks, smashed phones,
Scattered home, different tones,
Me pretending to be ok again,
You pretending to love me again,

It’s not the way we want it,
Now it’s better we stop it,
I’m cracking,
I’m already broken,
I don’t want those pieces of me to be broken,
Love was something strong we bestowed,
But has now turned into ashes and desert like the Amazon forest,
Just let me go on,
Before I burn too.

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