Flooded Road, written by Magdalena Podobińska at Spillwords.com

Flooded Road

Flooded Road

written by: Magdalena Podobińska


Jesus was there again
standing by the road
covered with tears

How am I to tell you all this?
I better not
You keep the driving wheel smiling
Your thoughts are flying with the wind
Mine are sinking…

I saw Jesus waving to me again
his white pale hand in the air
his white pale smile in the review mirror

We crossed the bridge
where her eyes would often swell
Most of the time swell

The pain in the chest
The pain impossible to bear

High hopes again
Now low again


She needs to drain

She remembers oh yes she does.
Every time
And the sun…
that one sun too
and all the sparkling stars in his eyes

Pale white stone figure
standing by the road
the witness of her sadness
her only friend

But you’re above this
with your thoughts flying with the wind
and I’m under
I’m under
with my thoughts sinking
as we drive through that flooded road

Magdalena Podobińska

Magdalena Podobińska

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Magdalena Podobińska

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