Fly Away Love written by Linda at

Fly Away Love

Fly Away Love

written by: Linda


In the morning I hear “pitter-patter” on the window.
It’s the red cardinal waking me up.
He sings wonderful songs and I crack my eyes open.
I name him Tappy Tappers.
He pecks at my window every summer morning.

The new school year just rolled in
From this day forward, my life will change forever.
His name is Justin. We were old middle school buddies.
He and I talked everyday especially during the summer breaks.

My cardinal Tappy wasn’t around as much.
We both became much too busy and drifted apart.
Every now and then I saw him flying by,
but he became preoccupied with his family and friends.

Summer started so I talked even more with Justin.
We talked from day until night,
We were together forever becoming two love birds in different states.

Tappy came by my window again!
He sung, wishing me a good morning.
He nested nearby my house, so he was always around.

Justin and I became as happy as can be.
He completed my life. …I loved him so very much.
I even wanted to become his wife.

Tappy soon found himself a mate.
He fled from me leaving with her, not saying “goodbye”

Justin did the same.

I never had the intention to kill
till this day
Kill the love, kill the past,
Kill the memory.



First poem going public.

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