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For Francy

written by: Ron Kempton


What is it with my hair? I don't like what it's done. Should I curl it or make a bun?
A rebellious bush flaming away on my head without restraint.
The brush can't talk any sense into it. How about paint?
Hair! Hair! Hair poking out everywhere!
A cowlick here, a wild curl there.
Sometimes thin, other times thick.
I've tried a comb and even a hair pick.
I get it wet, I leave it dry. I suppose I'll lose it by and by.
So I leave my wild hair… to have its way, and do what it dares.
Bottom line: I really don't care.
I think you might feel all that I've said.
How will they comb it after I'm dead?
So, I let it go 'cause after all,
Kathy likes the bush on my head.

Ron Kempton

Ron Kempton

My name is Ron, I'm a poet, writer and award winning songwriter. I've been writer since I was eight years old, I play guitar, bass, some piano. It's my life long dream to write professionally, I write short stories and I've also written two books.
Ron Kempton

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