Fragrant Reminiscence, poetry written by JayM at

Fragrant Reminiscence

Fragrant Reminiscence

written by: JayM


But a whisper time travelled,
A sharp intake of
receding timelines,
Of fireflies in flight,
On a new moons night –
Faded comfort an easement.

A stolen glance, a fleeting glimpse of
embracing shadows,
A walk in the rain
of uninterrupted distances,
Tracing intertwined steps taken, age dissolved.

Smudged ink on parchment
rolled on and spun,
Into a reminiscence,
Bearing notes of joy.
A cloak of
crystallised brilliance
enveloping a hushed conversation of interlaced fingers.

The cry of a lark
resounds through the timeless,
A delight
eased out from the hidden recesses of the mind.

What does a memory bring?
A cornucopia of marvel!

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