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Onekama, Michigan

Onekama, Michigan

written by: Thomas Park



Rest In Peace, Grandma Mimi
I remember visiting Onekama

Temperate in summer, slightly cool
Half-block walk to the lake

Rolling down Angel Falls,
Steep slope of sand, laughing
Did not understand its meaning

Lovely town, white siding
Hotel, restaurants on edge of water

Sounds of waterskiers, boaters
While anglers gently dipped their lines
Near Portage Point

A day in the sun, returned
Sand in shoes, socks

Ate a cottled egg, fixed fresh
Cooked stirred hot in porcelain

Winter came, once the waves froze solid
Children played, walked yards out

Grandparents gone to rest, the Lake
Near their home
Whispers they have gone beyond
To a place of stillness and comfort

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