Freddy Mercury's Ghost, a poem by MD Marcus at

Freddie Mercury’s Ghost

Freddie Mercury’s Ghost

written by: MD Marcus


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

We bathe together in faded glitter,
birthed naked, luminous,
dress head to toe in the morose noir,
amongst the dead
we belong.
Rest inside each other’s silence, the world’s silence,
inside death itself,
time passes infinite and fleeting,
slippery as silver satin between our fingertips.
He calls me darling
and the rest of his words turn liquid honey.
His lips move in honeyclogged hush,
but I know enough to laugh when he laughs,
now anything’s possible.
Our imaginations run riot,
piano notes sparkle
iridescent from his throat,
his words come out teal and gold.
I open my mouth wide
to taste them,
my jaw feels out of place,
realign and adjust
teeth behind teeth.
Unsettled things suspended in my mouth,
I slice my lips to bleed words,
I want this poem to ache as I ache,
to argue his own poetry, forgive him
his thoughts on books,
he forgives me my views
on Death.
All these thoughts,
my thoughts,
he welcomes,
spill over,
drenched by thoughts like tears like ink like lyrics.
We fill teacups with champagne and regret,
throw our heads back,
slam them down, and signal for more.
A high decibel jolt of electricity,
his voice, the current that keeps me alive,
and he knows a heartbeat when he hears one.
He’s home,
my home.
I am still in mourning
brokenhearted he understands.
I invite him to visit my dreams again,
but he makes no promises.

Please don’t go
don’t leave me here all by myself
I get ever so lonely from time to time

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