FREE WILL, poetry by Michael Levy at
Ines Alvarez Fdez



written by: Michael Levy



The ocean; she pays no mind…no heed to herself,
She allows herself to wonder freely,
To evaporate from sight,
then; to appear in the sky
as free forming, towering clouds
any shape – stratospheric …any size – translucent
black, white and all shades in-between,
To wonder where she may,
night or day,
Wonder freely across mountains,
across valleys…across dales,
And; The ocean…she cares not,
For she has no worries, no woes,
Because; the ocean knows that all…
All that evaporates and travels far….far away,
will one day return home and be content,
To tell of sublime tales……of noble adventures,
that blew them off course,
thrust by hurricanes and mighty winds,
unleashing such monumental power,
gargantuan bolts of sound,
and awesome streaking light,
The magnificent view they had,
of all nature’s scenery,
as the metamorphism,
reversed itself once again,
and transpired as lucid rain-drops,
into streams, ponds, lakes,
seeping into earth’s crust,
flowing into raging rivers,
then finally
Back home
In the rhythm of time.

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