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written by: Jim Murdoch


The sound is enough, said Camier
– Samuel Beckett


Sometimes I underthink things.
Mostly I think the living daylights
out of things and occasionally,

I do the perfect amount of thinking.
Sadly, those are rarely poetry days.

Most never give thinking a second thought.
They assume it’s like breathing.
And it is. Sort of. Not really.

As usual I’m overthinking this.
Overuminating. Overpondering.
Underlettinggo-ofing. You know,

I never used to get Buk’s shambolics,
the same way I never got Mingus or
Pollock or Merce Cunningham.

I overthought and underfelt.
A fundamental faux pas.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

People look at art and say, “Yes,
but what does it mean?” never, “Yes,
but what does it emote?”

Why is that?

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