Seeking Buddha, a poem written by Bhakta Bahadur Basnet at
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Seeking Buddha

Seeking Buddha

written by: Bhakta Bahadur Basnet


The world is full of deceit
The world plays selfish
So, the mind craves revolution
But, the heart seeks peace
The body desires lust
And so, the mind’s illness lingers

Leaving this world behind
In trying to become a Buddha
Have I become a fool instead?
Somewhere, somehow, I get lost
Dissolved into the void
I am the void
Yet in that, I am blessed

Forsaking worldly desires
Locking up my mind
In the chest of my heart
Leaving my shadow behind
I walk away
Far from the chaos of the world

Intimately with my own soul
Binding love with silence
Happy and content with myself
Utterly alone, I
Walk on the path of void
And one day
Along with this void
I shall dissolve into the soil

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