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Full Circle

written by: Darrin Reay



The night times shattered wind blows through the windows gap.
Speaking words of wisdom as we come full circle of life's lap.
Another year of sorrow and another day of what seems like forever
But I just know we will get through the next if we all stick together.

Don't forget about the pain that life has thrown at you this past year.
It's okay to feel the emptiness and it's damn sure okay to shed a tear.
The pain is what drives us all to fight and move on and to strive
And helps us to remember all of the special ones who aren't still alive.

Although they haven't made it, through this year or the past.
Their memories still shine with life and in them they'll always last.
The sun that echoes through the window early hours of the morn
Let's you know that there's always sunshine after the dreaded storm.

Darrin Reay

Darrin Reay

I laugh, I write, I cry. I'm just me - whoever that may be.
Darrin Reay

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