È PIOVUTO QUEL GIORNO, poem by Izabella T. Kostka at Spillwords.com
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È piovuto quel giorno


written by: Izabella T. Kostka


Estese pianure tra le maree
della vita che non sa perdonare,
lunghi corridoi affollati di domande
e risposte che affondano nel vuoto,

mi ricordo le nostre dita
aggrovigliate come fili di ferro,
legami spezzati e affetti a terra
gettati come cocci d’un vaso.

È piovuto quel giorno in Piazza Duomo…

Si è infilata la felicità
tra i piccioni sulle grondaie
è volata via in fretta
col vapore della metropolitana.


written by: Izabella T. Kostka


Extensive plains among the tides
of life that does not know how to forgive,
long corridors crowded with questions
and answers that sink into the void,

I remember our fingers
tangled like wires,
broken bonds and feelings thrown
on the ground like shards of a vase.

It rained that day in Cathedral Square…

Happiness was hidden
among the pigeons on the gutters,
she flew away quickly
with the steam of the subway.

Izabella T. Kostka

Izabella T. Kostka

IZABELLA TERESA KOSTKA was born in Poznań (Poland) and since 2001 has been living in Milan. She is a graduate in piano, is an Italian-Polish writer and poet, piano teacher, freelance journalist, translator, organizer and presenter of cultural events as well as creator and coordinator of the international cultural program "Verseggiando sotto gli astri of Milan". For poetry she has won numerous national and international awards and many important awards for her cultural activity. She has published ten poetic collections in Italian including a bilingual Italo-Polish, her works are present on many prestigious anthologies, including "Novecento non più. Towards Terminal Realism" with a letter from Guido Oldani, her publications appear on several sites and in numerous literary magazines in Italy and Poland. Guest of numerous radio and television broadcasts, she has participated in many prestigious publishing fairs including the International Book Fair in Turin, and for years has participated in the international Bookcity show in Milan. She is also a Brand Ambassador of the Terminal Realism for Poland.
Izabella T. Kostka

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