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In The Silence of The Pine

In The Silence of The Pine

written by: Izabella T. Kostka


There is silence
among the branches of the pine
bowed over the abyss of this world,
sadness which pendants between chains of lights
sparkling among the lights of stupid shops.

Tears and smile
– eternal battle –
between Good and Evil everywhere,
the lack of Everything in the luxury of Nothing,
the puddle of indifference mud.

Where are you, Heart?

They hung you on the tree in celebration
– an orphan thrown away from the woods,
they broke you like a Christmas cake
but without sharing it with the neighbor.

Anguish and joy,
life and death,
the expected redemption of human sins,
the thorns of the spruce withered quickly
stripped of decorations and human affection.

Only the refrain will remain
of the old song written by Cremonese:*
“At Christmas you can
do what you can never do:
(…) start dreaming again (…)”


*Sergio Cremonese – an Italian singer

Izabella T. Kostka

Izabella T. Kostka

IZABELLA TERESA KOSTKA was born in Poznań (Poland) and since 2001 has been living in Milan. She is a graduate in piano, is an Italian-Polish writer and poet, piano teacher, freelance journalist, translator, organizer and presenter of cultural events as well as creator and coordinator of the international cultural program "Verseggiando sotto gli astri of Milan". For poetry she has won numerous national and international awards and many important awards for her cultural activity. She has published ten poetic collections in Italian including a bilingual Italo-Polish, her works are present on many prestigious anthologies, including "Novecento non più. Towards Terminal Realism" with a letter from Guido Oldani, her publications appear on several sites and in numerous literary magazines in Italy and Poland. Guest of numerous radio and television broadcasts, she has participated in many prestigious publishing fairs including the International Book Fair in Turin, and for years has participated in the international Bookcity show in Milan. She is also a Brand Ambassador of the Terminal Realism for Poland.
Izabella T. Kostka

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