Heart of Yule, a poem by Jaya Avendel at Spillwords.com
Tatiana Byzova

Heart of Yule

Heart of Yule

written by: Jaya Avendel



Under the twinkling moon
A thousand fir trees
Prepare to be sliced down.

In the gathering chill
The first snowflakes fall
Natural decorations.

Separated from the warm earth
Their roots taste sugar water
Their leaves try not to go brown.

We build our trees
From the branches cut off
At the tree farms.

The boughs are heavy
With sweet sap.

We flavor our fingers and our hearts as we
Lace these unwanted limbs to stilts and
Give them a reason to stand proud again.



This piece of writing captures a true tradition in my family. Every year it is our great delight to spend an evening ‘building’ our tree from a truckload of discarded trimmings kindly given to us by the tree farms in our area.

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