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All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

written by: Jackie Harvey


Christmas is just around the corner – a time when families and friends get together; a joyous break from the gloom of winter. How this day ends will determine whether I remain in the winter gloom or am transported to a wonderful world of sunshine.

Sometimes hours speed by in the blink of an eye, whereas others make us feel as if we are wading through treacle. Today is definitely the latter. Has my phone, my watch, and every clock in the building stopped working? It seems that way as I wait.

This surely must be one of the longest days of my life. Ironic really that the longest day for me is actually the shortest – the darkest day – in December. I pray it does not turn out to be the darkest day in another unthinkable way. This is a day when people go to work in the dark and return in it too.

How much longer must I wait? Please not much longer. There is nothing I can do; I am powerless. The outcome is entirely dependent on the skills of others. As they work all I can do is pace up and down, drink the hospital coffee, and field messages from family and friends. I cannot speak to anyone, cannot function until… until…I know all is well. How long has it been? Surely soon, surely I will know soon. It appears another half hour has passed. Only half hour? It seems more like three.

The door opens, she comes towards me. Do I detect a smile or is it just wishful thinking? She can see the look of apprehension etched on my face. She speaks.
‘Mr Hardy, I am pleased to tell you that your wife’s operation has been a complete success and she has been taken to recovery. You will have her home in time for Christmas.’

I smile and thank her then, as she leaves, I turn to the black rectangle of the window. Looking outside I do not see darkness, do not see rain, do not see cold– what I see is the sun shining brightly on the rest of our lives together. The longest day has ended just as I hoped it would and this Christmas will be wonderful – the best I could have wished for.

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