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written by: Dr. Nikhat Bano


O Sommelier!
Who’s she in view? Sitting pretty there;
I see nothing as far as I can see, but her.

It’s become
a colossal question for me, now;
What should I believe and what should I avoid?

Counsel me,
if I accept that entity as a living being or not?
Or brush aside admitting that, I sleepwalked.

This elixir
has a far reaching tremor;
Help me come out of this fleeting pleasure.

I swear!
I’ve spent my life attending your revelries,
never witnessed such a winsome artistry.

O Sommelier!
Will remain obliged to you for this moment;
She’s like my genesis after years of torment.


Copyright (c): DrNikhat Bano

Dr. Nikhat Bano

Dr. Nikhat Bano

Dr. Nikhat Bano is an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor, academician, poet, writer, editor and reviewer. She has won many accolades on national and international platforms. She has been awarded International Community of Poets ‘ICOP AWARDS 2017’ in three categories ICOP Poet of the Year, ICOP Poem of the Year and ICOP Critic of the Year. She has also won ‘TEMIRQAZYQ-THE BEST WRITER OF THE WORLD, 2017’ in an international literary contest and later bagged ‘Pride of the Globe Award’ by World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan 2017.Currently she is a member of World Nations Writers Union. So far, she has authored one poetry book ‘Sonorous Words’. Most of her poems are merit awarded by renowned poetry groups, poetry e-portals and international journals and anthologies.
Dr. Nikhat Bano

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