Getting By, a poem written by Richard Prime at

Getting By

Getting By

written by: Richard Prime


Dear Harry,
It was good to hear from you,
Wondering how you are.
How is Freda and the dog?
How are Dad and Ma?
It’s been so long since we last met,
No obvious reason why.
Life is good and dreams are strong
And me, I’m getting by.

I heard that Dad had lost his job,
Seems the trend these days.
How did Mother take it?
Self-pity’s not her way.
Freda said she’d visit me,
She called off with a sigh.
I cannot help but worry,
But I’m sure she’s getting by.

City life is hectic,
More crowded every day;
I feel like life is closing in
And need to get away.
Maybe I’ll come calling,
We’ll share a pint and pie,
If you wonder how I’m feeling,
I’m simply getting by.

Sadly, Tina left me,
I suffered so much pain;
I told her that it’s over
And I won’t see her again.
Night times are so empty,
All I seem to do is cry;
So, I quit my job and packed my bags,
It’s my way of getting by.

I hope it’s not much trouble
That I come to stay a while,
Remember how as children
We would walk for miles and miles,
Apple trees and corn fields;
Building haystacks high.
I’ve love to do it all again,
Maybe that way I’ll get by.

Sometimes I just can’t believe
That we’re no longer young,
I see the doctor twice each week
With shadows on my lung.
I doubt I ever will conceive
That one day I will die,
But until then, my brother/friend,
I’ll keep on getting by.

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