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written by: Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)



I knew I was in love with you,
the first time I heard you,
say my name.

Yes, I know,
I don’t understand it either.
Only know it’s true.

You say my name,
and to me, it’s a song.

Asked you about your ring,
you took it off,
handed it to me.

Took you aside,
got you alone.

Don’t even know you,
never did that before,
but that song plays on.


The song of your voice sings to my heart;
the sky in your eyes inspires my soul.

Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)

Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)

Just a man from northern California, living on a beautiful acre of high desert I call Goose Ridge.
Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)

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