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Golden Child

Golden Child

written by: SmithaV



‘O golden child the world will kill and eat.’
Dark as it may seem, do not let it defeat
The purpose you’re there to meet
The scars on your back and the blisters on your feet
A small price we must pay for an ending so sweet

O golden child it’s a hungry world out there
It knows only to take but do not let it tear
Or taint your simple soul. Beware!
The bright lights and the smiling faces are a snare
The cross you carry is hard to bear

O golden child the world will snatch and forget
It’s a mercenary; do not let-
Your heart so pure, drown in regret
The hurt in your eyes and the brokenness I met
A price I pay for mistakes I must not forget

O golden child this world is not your place
You’re not one of them, though you have their face
Your spirit’s untouched, there is not a trace
Of their wickedness, their greed, their fall from grace
They must pay the price- the entire human race

O golden child forgive me if you can
For the pain you suffer at the hands of Man



I used the first line from Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mary’s Song’ – ‘O golden child the world will kill and eat’.
This poem is for all the children that live in hunger, poverty, in war-torn zones. It’s for the children that our system hasn’t been able to save.

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