Good Fame, a poem by Anna Canić at
Florian Weichelt

Good Fame

Good Fame

written by: Anna Canić


If people were as quick to hear
As they are quick to judge…
You would be back to kill my fear
By your outrageous touch.
The swing is empty, all is quiet,
I broke the TV-screen:
She was a mess, but she was right –
This world deserves a sin.
For goodness’ sake! Can I survive?
Am I allowed to live?
Or should I drown each time I dive
To save them from the peeve?
Another alley to go blind,
Another road to cross…
I am too tired to rewind –
I knew a bigger loss.
Should I behave as if you came
To save me from that hell?
Can our earth survive good fame
To end this story well?
Well, it was me who killed your fear
By my outrageous touch.
And people? They are yet to hear
The findings of their Judge.



My tribute to the Greek movie “Eudokia” (1971).

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