Grow Strong, My Darling! by Arun Dash at

Grow Strong, My Darling!

Grow Strong, My Darling!

written by: Arun Dash


These tender years
Laced with innocence;
These guileless smiles
At friends and foes;
This indelible aura
Of simplicity –
Tyrant Time shall
Snatch them all
Away someday.

The infinite freedom
That you savour now;
The bountiful love and care
That they bathe you in now;
These somewhat selfless smiles
That come your way now –
Shall someday fade
Into oblivion, urging you
To take guard on your own.

As you grow, grow strong, my darling
To live with that infected innocence,
That curtailed freedom
And those intruding complexities,
For, mere mortals like us
Have so far not won
A battle against Time!

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