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Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

written by: Peg Prendeville


Have you ever stopped to listen to the gurgling of a stream
As it washes all the pebbles on its course?
Have you ever, ever wondered what little babies dream,
Do you know from where the strong wind gets its force?
Do you ever sit and contemplate how trees can grow so tall
From a little seed that’s planted in the soil,
Do you listen to the chorus of the chirping little birds,
Or are you in a hurry all the while?

Have you ever watched the sun go down on a summer’s eve
Or got up at four o’clock the dawn to see?
The heavenly tranquility will charm your heart and leave
A lasting picture on your memory.
Have you ever walked a meadow, with your children, picking flowers
And marveled at their joy in simple things,
Do you think we take for granted this lovely world of ours
Not appreciating the peacefulness it brings?

Do you ever take the time off to walk along the beach
And scribble with your toes upon the sand
And watch the frothy waves, as they seem to want to reach
And steal some more of this dear precious land?
Do you ever climb a mountain and gaze far down below
On the little patchwork pattern weaved o’er years
Do you ever walk out in the rain ‘til you’re drenched from head to toe,
Or are you too restricted by your fears?

At night when work is over do you stand outside your door
And meditate on that sea of sparkling lights?
The mystery of it all melts your heart to the core
And eases off your worries and your frights.
We would have more peace of mind if we all stopped a while
To watch Nature and admire how she can cope
In spite of us, mere humans, who many things have spoiled
Praise God, our Higher Power, who gives us hope.

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