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Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

written by: Josie Dee



“She’s got such a good heart”
They say, delighted, in denial
For it’s what they don’t see
That makes it truly shine
It’s the shadows she keeps hidden
That make her kindness divine

For the fractures and splinters
Of that self-same heart of Gold
And the kindness and empathy
Of which is always told
“She’s got such a pure kindness”
They say on a whim
“Always thinking of others”
Never looking within

But it’s the shadows and darkness
Of such depth and despair
A cadaverous heart-ache
That never reaches the air
Her hands always reach out
As her smiles do to her eyes
A mere cloak for an emptiness
That all her efforts must abide

But her heart of Gold
And the delight seen by others
Takes a little of the sting
Out of the darkness uncovered
She truly does care
It’s a prophecy to fulfill
Her heart of Gold
Can help keep her thoughts still

So a thank you to all
Who encourage her so
Your perception of her Golden heart
Is a cornerstone of her hope
The courage that you give her
And the hope that you may steer
Help to bring light into her eyes
And dullness to her fear

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