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Heart To Head

Heart to Head

written by: Don Knowles



Please Place your hand over your heart now
Now Feel the codes writing themselves inside
Feel the digital dignity encoding
It’s the core of every secret message
It’s your root to every start
Take good care of this beat within you
It heals when broken
Sweetens up all life soured parts

Now gently place tips of your other hand
To the side of your left eye
Here in the temple of all your wishes
You’ll feel your life force throbbing
Syncopation with your beautiful heart
It’s a song worth repeating
It’s a rhyme and rhythm with eternity
Blood rushes in and out of your consciousness
Numberless nutrition from end to starting

This is a trick that keeps me human
This is a spell to check my soul
To feel the inside of my being
To not forget my internal spark

So just take one separate moment
Release a breath to feel your life
Embrace the symbiosis
Head and heart
Heart to head
All one big part

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