Heroine of Our Time, a poem written by Chloe Gilholy at Spillwords.com

Heroine of Our Time

Heroine of Our Time

written by: Chloe Gilholy



She smiles in the corner
Pen behind her ear
Book by her chin

She’ll grow up
Cool and cunning
Surrounded by wealth

She’s poor now
But spiritually
Is a millionaire

She studies women
History never forget
Entrepreneurs galore

Queens of Hollywood
Writing sisters and
A virgin queen

They say it’s a tragedy
That they never had
Stable husbands nor children

To the first day in class
To the final exam results
She’s learned to take her own path

She vows to be free
From expectations and
Embrace life on her own terms

She’s done her best
She has no regrets
The heroine of our time

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