Highveld Summer Storm, poetry by Deryn Graham at Spillwords.com
Thomas Bennie

Highveld Summer Storm

Highveld Summer Storm

written by: Deryn Graham



The mood switches from sunny smiles to brooding anger
And Sky begins to grumble its discontent.
The purples, pinks, yellows, bright greens and whites of spring have appeared
To compete with Sky’s spectacular cerulean blue
Which through the winter has been alone in bringing a canopy of colour
To lift dreary spirits.
It’s the same every year, roars Sky
Hurling its scorn upon the earth
Swirling winds and swollen raindrops are sent to mete out punishment
On trees which try to usurp Sky’s dominance over all it surveys
And early blossoms are dashed from the offending branches.
Yet Sky’s dark ferocity only makes the light more intense
And the trees glow in a display of defiance.
But they are no match for Sky, who after the crashing storm
Smiles once again in triumph
Its mastery over nature’s earth bound miracles reaffirmed.

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