Summer, poetry by Eric Shelman at
Ethan Robertson



written by: Eric Shelman


Ablazing, humid
sweltering, tropical, hot
burning, blistering

Cheerful, delightful
naturally muggy, moist
lakeside, beachside

sunburt, sun-bathing
swimming, wading, fishing, skiing
wakeboarding, kneeboarding

boating, chartering
tubing, dunking, tan
playing all sorts water sports

scorching, sizzling, warm
sun-basking, sun-drenched, sun-filled

sun-kissed, sun-sational, sweat
sultry, stifling, sunny, sweet

Sensational sacred, seasonal
Unforgettable universal unity
Mesmerizing majestic moments
Monumental memories made
Easy endless energy
Roasting, roses, ripening

Seashore, sandcastle, swimsuits
Uncover, UV-protection, ugumu
Magical microcosm, macrocosm
Multiplying mechanical movement,
Ecosystems, excellently evolving existential
Resting, recreational, remember

Sun-dresses, sunhats, sunscreens
Unau, uchangamufu, uzungu
Mesmerizism, mythopoeism, momentum
Mythicism, mesomorphism, memorandum
Embrace endless elegance everywhere
Refresher, relaxer, roaster.

Insects chorals, sang for potential mates
birdsong symposium praising seasonal
windy, rainy, thunder, lightning lates
sunny, funny, runny, unspeakable
deep chartered sea and fresh water
swimming, skiing, waterboarding, water
camping, bon, and ring fires, hiking,
camp outs, grilling, barbequing, shorts
parasailing, bungee jump, sky diving
floating, boating, canoeing rivers, lakes
eating coal cooked foil wrapped dinners,
surfing, riding boards on waves and wakes
soaking up sunshine, building
breathing in salty, sandy winds tassels.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, barbeque grills grunt.
Crash, crash, crash go the waves onto the
Splash, splash, splash swimmers assemble.
Thrum, thrum, thrum fishing line
harmoniously constructs.
Purr, whizz, scream fly reels fabricate.
Pops, clicks, whistles, purrs, grunts, groans
growls, barks, hums, hoots, rattles, tinkles
fish produced for attracting mates,
warning danger, scaring competitors,
predators, maintaining social cohesion,
distress calls.
Buzz, buzz, buzz bees sing peacefully as
they pollinate gardens.
Crack, crack, crack
crispy boom, crispy boom, crispy boom
thunder rolls.
Flash, flash, flash lightning reveals itself.
Chirp, chirp, chirp crickets ding
Ch-Ch-Ch katydids ring
High-pitched Buzz, buzz, buzz Cicadas
Singing for their potential mates.
Crackle, crackle, crackle as popping wood
creates in bonfires and campfires.
Migrate, migrate, migrate long-distance
fowls beginning their travels down south.
Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio, cheery, cheery
cheery, Northern Waterthrush, Canada
Warbler chimes in.
Trill, trill, trill chirping Sparrows ping.
Deceptive kitty call, garble mimicking
sounds, Gray Catbird choral.
Pee-wee, pee-wee, pee-wee Eastern
Wood-Pewee bring.
Buzzier, buzzier, buzzier, Western
Wood-Pewee, shout.
Bright, musical, musical, musical, American
Goldfinches tweets.
Wit, wit, wit, wit Wood Thrushes, tune in.
Froggy peep, froggy peep, froggy peep
Swainson’s Thrushes, beep.
Harsh veer, harsh veer, harsh veer Veery,
Croak, croak, croak frogs speak.
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter rains
showers replenish and wash away.
Listen, listen, listening to loud outdoor
music instead of inside.
Hum, hum, hum lawnmower says while
cutting grass.
Bang, pop, whoosh, crackle, crack, snap, fizz
hiss, boom fireworks sounding off as
they explode.
Clear, clear, clear,
Crisp, crisp, crisp
chilled drinks take as poured onto ice.

Everything is sunny and funny
nothing is dark and gloomy
warm, hot, blistering winds, runny
consuming cold drinks, bloomy

excitedly, energetically exploring nature
vacationing lakeside or beachside
relaxing refreshingly and renature
watching waves and wakes collide.

rain or shine plays
sunny festive fun, hot
enjoying beach and lakeside

hot, bright
playing, laughing, exercising
clouds, trees, sunny, holidays
sledding, tubbing, skating
cold, dry

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